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Zeenat Gaari - Women Drivers in Red and White

The time is gone when we used to say to our women, “Stay home, you can’t face the cruel world out there all by yourself.” In times like this, if the man of the house isn’t earning or there’s no man at all, who’s going to fill the gap? Mothers! Yes, almost in every case a mother steps out and fight for their children.

“We’re mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. Does this take away our rights?

No, no one can take away your rights. Does our religion bound us to take away their rights? No. then how the men of the society can take it away!

Realizing the fact, the men and the society as a whole is helping their women to stand up. Keeping this in mind many welfares and NGOs are standing up for the rights of the women. One such step was recently taken by Seed out, in collaboration with Coca Cola Company.

Earlier on Thursday 1 October 2015, Seed out and Coca Cola participated in an event in Expo Center in Lahore. The key focus areas was empowering the women of Pakistan. The partners distributed Rickshaws among the women. This special type of rickshaw is named as – the Zeenat Gaari.

Seed out has been putting its efforts to reduce poverty from the country by raising funds and making ways to empower new entrepreneurs. With crowd-funding, they have been and are helping the new entrepreneurs stand on their feet and help earn a better livelihood.

With Coca Cola, they have introduced this rickshaw, the Zeenat Gaari. Perfect for the women. Matching the color of the Zeenat Gaari, the organizations has designed a uniform for the female drivers. A white uniform with a red stripe around the dupatta.


In the event, many of the women were provided with keys to their new ride. Fully funded, these Zeenat Gaaris will help every woman to make her contribution, and prove the society that they’re no less than the men.