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World’s First Billbed brings Cannes Lions Award at Home

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Molty Foam is the most renowned and finest brand in the bedding industry of Pakistan.  Being in the market for more than 50 successful years, it has set new standards in the marketing campaigns. Initially, most of the bedding campaigns were restraint to naïve ideas and emotional blends, but then Molty Foam dares to bring out of the box ideas which turns out to be really working for them.

 Last year Molti foam collaborated with BBDO to initiate its first ever outdoor social campaign. Though BBDO has already played with the similar idea in June 2013, it has experimented it again in 2014 last year.

With its “World’s First Billbed” campaign under the motto of ‘How important a Good night sleep is?” they have created a source of peaceful night sleep for many homeless people and labors. Molty Foams: world’s first Billbed” campaign earn them outside recognition particularly the Cannes Lions 2015 Advertisement award.

So basically what is so unique about this award which earn it that much of international recognition. Basically, it’s a unique blend of a brand’s name with a social need. This campaign involved the installation of, Molty Foam’s billboard which can be converted into beds at night. These convertible billboards have been installed in 9 major cities including Faisalabad, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi and Sialkot.

This campaigns helps the homeless labors which use to sleep on roads with their heads on bricks but now they can sleep on these convertible beds reinstating the importance of a good night sleep which will affect their health in a positive way and also their work performance the other day.

While describing their objective of the campaign, it explains the objective, “To use the ‘big bad world of advertising’ to do a bit of good – not just advertise but advertise in a way that makes a difference.”

The campaign deserves every word of appreciation for understanding the needs of its consumers and also of those who can’t afford it.

Kudos to the creative managers



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