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What Food and Drink Will You Have in Your Sheri and Iftar

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With the emergence of Ramadan, some are getting stressed while others are much delighted as Allah has granted them with another holy month. In Pakistan, this year too, and in the upcoming few more years, Ramadan will be coming in the hot weather, and this stresses the weak ones. Even though, this year too Pakistanis have to deal with Ramadan in summers, but if you can just imagine the goods, you’ll pray for more Ramadan days in summers.

Besides the goods one can earn from this holy month of Ramadan, it is still real hard to go outside your comfort zones. But you’ll have to. You’ll have to step out to be on your workplace. You’ll have to attend your classes. You’ll have to bring groceries. And even if you stayed in, you’ll face the deep troubles of load-shedding. And all this will dehydrate your body and you’ll feel dull all day long. To avoid any such troubles, there are some foods and drinks that you can intake or avoid to keep your strengths up.

Here are some of the suggested foods and drinks, which will keep your health up to the mark:

Food for Sheri

Food full of proteins like eggs, fat meats, beans etc.

Fiber-foods like whole grains, yogurt, vegetables and fruits.

Although, it is not a habit to consume sugary food items in breakfast or Sheri, but for those who love to have them all the time, it is best to stay away from sweets. Or otherwise your fasting will become a burdensome for you.

I use to have parathas in my Sheri, but as I made some researches, I got it that it isn’t a good idea too. Avoid oily stuff as well. And have roti or chapattis for Sheri.

Then to avoid thrust, have yogurt.

One thing that I tried and worked well was having green tea in Sheri. One may say that green tea is to burn fats. But take a look at the benefits, it has way more than one can think of.

Food for Iftar

For Iftar, the best things to eat are dates, drink water, fruit shakes, eat fruits or if you have to eat regular dinner, you can go for it but avoid oil and deep-fried foods.

Deep-fried foods. This is like an unavoidable thing, as pakoras, samosas, dumplings etc.

Not only this, we love to have some sweets like jalebi, some halwa etc. and all this will raise the calories, the fats, and you’ll feel heavy. And you’ll be burping all your namaz.

Ramadan in Summers

In conclusion, it isn’t hard to go without food intake, but without water, it really slows the day. Like I said above, take yogurt in the Sheri, have a cup of green tea (you can even mix it with you regular tea) and drink plenty of water. In addition to this, avoid oily and deep-fried food and all that stuff that absorb water from your body.

Have a happy Ramadan ahead and have a blessed life.

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Bilal, a writer, editor and occasional designer, is one of the leading contributor in is all about travel, music, history, culture, literature, Fashion and architecture. And it is all about Pakistan. Ramadan isn’t a festival only celebrated in Pakistan nor it’s a cultural event of Pakistan but is celebrated all over the world. But this content is mainly written for the Pakistanis, as this year too they’ll have to fight with the long tough hot days.

May Allah grant us the power to pass this test and may Allah show let’s see more holy months of Ramadan.


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