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Urdu is Your Official Language Says Supreme Court of Pakistan

 The supreme court of Pakistan has given the much needed verdict on establishing Urdu as an official language. On September 8, Supreme Court has announce the verdict on existing campaign to enforce Urdu as official language at the government offices.  A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja had reserved decision on the petitions pertaining to promotion and implementation of the national language. He also ordered that there should be no delay in implementation of Article 251 of the Constitution.

 Following the decision, all official correspondence will be done in Urdu including passports, utility bills and websites, all the speeches whether made in Pakistan or abroad must be steered in Urdu from the ranks of presidency to the statuary representatives. All these development are the repercussion of cabinet decision of declaring Urdu as the official language on 14th May, 2015. 

Right after the verdict has been announce, it has stirred up a huge discussion among the masses particularly on the social media about the pros and cons of this decision.

Basically this verdict is based on the notion that young generation is losing its connection with national language and value of Urdu is going right under the dust of time. Moreover, not entire society is acquainted well with English language which was the source of official commute initially, and hence created a communication gap among the society. Therefore, need of the hour is to establish a single official language which is recognized by all the groups of the society. Frequent use of it will be a source of unity as in the words of Justice Khawaja

“The constitution demands national language Urdu should be used in the routine life. Stressing on practicing the constitution in letter and spirit, that conversing in Urdu was imperative for eliminating the class contradiction.” Urdu is the thread that binds the nation”

Feel free to share your opinion on the pro and cons of the decision.