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Cube Discipline owns and operates the website These TERMS OF USE state the terms and conditions under which you are allowed to access and use the website. By accessing this website you show your acceptance to these terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms then you must not access or use this website. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE PARTIALLY OR WHOLLY TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, POLICIES, GUIDELINES OR PRACTICES UNDER WHICH YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE THEN PLEASE EXIT THE WEBSITE AND DO NOT ACCESS IT. Cube Discipline reserves the right to revise this agreement at any time. In case of any revisions, users will be notified about the changes. Continued use of the website after any changes to this policy will automatically be considered as acceptance of the new update.


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Disclaimer of warranties

The web site and all content is provided as is. By accessing and using the web site you acknowledge and agree that use of the web site and the content is entirely at your own risk. Cube discipline and make no representations or warranties regarding the web site and the content, including, without limitation, no representation or warranty

·         That the web site and/or content will be accurate, complete, reliable, suitable or timely;

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Third Parties

·         Several third parties in Pakistan may also belong to the same line of business as we are. We may have partnership agreements with these parties and may share their content on our website. Such content does not belong to and its use may only be for a specific purpose only. We do not allow anyone to copy or re-use such content without the permission of or the respective owner.

·         If any third party charges any amount for sharing their content, we at and Cube Discipline will not be held responsible or liable for such transactions.

· is a free to use website. Internet users may share information and content on our website. Such content will be the liability of the users, and Cube Discipline management and staff will not be held responsible for the authenticity of such content. We will also be not reliable for the source of the website, however we will do whatever we can to minimize the publication of plagiarized content.

· and Cube Discipline has no part in the content shared by user and third parties. Such content goes through strict editorial policies. Even then if any content is shared on our website that is not according to the norms and culture of our society, in such case we will remove the content according to our editorial guidelines.

Payments And Fee

· does not charge anything for using the website. We strictly prohibit any such practice from anyone using our website.

·         There may be any third party applications on our website which may be paid-to-use. We will not be held responsible for any such practice as these applications or third parties are independent and are not governed by