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Tabla Players Of Punjab Gharana

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Tabla a delightful and engaging musical instrument of subcontinent. A pair of drums (tabla) gives a magical soothing feel to its listeners.

Tabla is world over popular by the great contribution of Pakistani and Indian legendary musicians. Punjab Gharana,

They are known as the beholder of this classical form of music.What is now split in present day Pakistan and India.

Lala Bhavanidas laid the foundation of the Punjab Gharana and he was considered the leading pakawaj player of his day.

Around the turn of the 20th century, Fakir Baksh, student of Saddu Hussain Baksh was the foremost advocate and he was the one responsible for bringing the pakawaj compositions onto the tabla.

His followers were Qadir Baksh II and Firoz Khan of Lahore. Jnan Prakash Ghosh of Farukhabad gharana was also a follower of Firoz Khan. Kader Baksh II was the teacher of the most renowned tabla player of 20th century, Ustad Alla Rakha (Father and teacher of Ustad Zakir Hussain)."

When Ustad Alla Rakha appeared the tradition of peshkar in Punjab gets more developed. There were some kaida and rela compositions present from the other tabla gharanas, but the main meat of the Punjab Gharana was the set compositions such as Gat, Paran and Chakradar. As a matter of fact, when Ustad Alla Rakha first began presenting the concept of peshkar (D..rD.Di.N.D.t.D.D.Di.N.D..rD.Di.N. etc...)

the legendary Ustad Zakir Hussain has taken the presentation and exploration of peshkar and lay curry (mixing meters) to an unmatched height. Now ustad tari khan is a living legend. He is remarkable in his art and a source of inspiration for the youngsters who are keen to learn tabla.

 Interesting musical rituals  

Chilla Ritual:

A special tradition which is found in all the Gharanas is the Chilla ritual, which consists of continuous playing for forty days and nights.

It is said that this is the equivalent of a coming of age ceremony, where a state of maturity is revealed during that intensive period of time. In earlier times, this ceremony would be carried out in small, out of the way huts or quiet rooms in country villages where the participant will be undisturbed for the entire time. The only person allowed to have contact with the practitioner is the Guru, who may, on occasion enter to offer corrections or further teachings.


Lala Bhavanidas

Saddu Hussain Baksh

Haddu Khan

Miyan Qadir Baksh I

Bhai Nasira

Baba Malang Khan

Bahadur Singh

Alla Ditta Khan

Sajjad Hussain Baksh

Karam Ilahi

Miyan Faqir Baksh

Miyan Qadir Baksh II     

Firoz Khan

Alla Rakha  

Shaukat Hussain

Abdul Sattar Tari  

Jnan Prakash Ghosh

Altaf Hussain "Tafo" Khan         

Akhtar Hussain Khan     

Zakir Hussain       

Yogesh Samsi


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