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Qissa khwani Bazaar A Site to Visit

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The absolute right place to have Peshawar’s busy mood is the Qissa Khawani Bazaar, immortalized by simply Kipling as the Street of the Story-Tellers. Since it was placed Based on the famous Grand trunk road ranging directly into Peshawar from Khyber Pass.  Considering the proximity of the place to the historic pass, it was not just a market instead it's become a hub for travelers who met each other at this point and refresh themselves by telling interesting tales tacked by simply skilled storyteller. This was the place where caravans and military groups sat around and were entertained by professional storytellers who used to recite ballads and tales of war and love to throngs of traders and soldiers. Though today those story tellers are defunct, but the incredulity of the environment still remains same.

You can see endless cups of green tea floating from hand to hand.  Pyramid shaped fruit stalls had taken over the Bazaar along with the storm of crowd in the streets. Tourists across the region flee here, along with locals to get enraptured by the beauty of this place. Highlights of the place are green tea in tea shops, beautiful old Inns, brass items, clay pots and of course historical Buildings.

Horse-drawn buggies along with trotting camels, vans and automobiles move around in the city. Snake charmers contend for the consideration involving passers-by using sellers involving obvious remedies claiming probably the most extravagant as well as enchanting houses for the weirdly-colored concoctions that they market.

This market is highly rich in food, particularly the kebabs ad fry ups on the market are my personal favorites like of thousand’s others. Though the life of the bazaar went in the shades of sadness after consecutive terror attacks but place is on the road of stable recovery amounting on the high spirits of the brave nation as in the words of American diplomat James W Spain, “Of all Pathan cities, Peshawar is the unchallenged queen,” and heart of the queen is very much the beautiful and majestic Qissa Khawani.


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