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Punjab Food Authority, Please Shut Them Down

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Hey food-lovers, do you love to go out with friends and family to give your tongue some spice and sweet? You truly are a food-lover. But you really think it’s a good idea?

For quite some time, the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) is actively monitoring and raiding various top food places. And if found guilty, they don’t hesitate to shut down their businesses in no time. If you happen to review Punjab Food Authority’s activities, you would be shocked to encounter that they have been able to seize many on account of poor food quality and unhygienic environment.

I won’t be able to list down all the businesses but some the latest are here under:


One of the very famous bakers in Punjab, especially in Lahore, gourmet was forced to shut down one of their branches this week. With such a renowned food places, one can’t expect such a thing. They were forced to stop their business instantly due to unhygienic conditions.

Nadeem Tikka

I personally never heard of it and I don’t believe that this a very renowned food-lovers place. Yet in Gulberg, Lahore they were banned to further go with their poor quality food and environment. It is a desi restaurant, and so it’s a bad news for those in love with Tikka, Karahi and other spicy food items.

Fat Burgher

This is not any local food chain, but an American, and so it’s a matter of concern for other popular international food chains. As the name sounds, this is a fast food restaurant. Its operations have been sealed due to rotten meat and spoiled vegetables.


After Gourmet, Doce was getting people’s attention when the Punjab Food Authority raided their Wagha Town, Lahore branch. It’s a shame for them for providing expired food items and having spoiled meat and vegetables. They were fined with a penalty of Rs. 70,000.


This is another international food chain. Same case with them, on having poor quality food products and dirty food storages, they were heavily charged with a penalty.


Not this! But it is true. KFC Thokar Niazbeg branch, Lahore, they were sealed due to the unhygienic environment. If this is the case with one, it could be with others as well.


Do you love chicken in buns? Sure you do. But how about when you have seen the unhygienic environment. Fri-chicks were heavily fined and warned to get rid of the poor food items and unhygienic environment.

Where Will You Go Now?

If you’re TOO health conscious, sure will stop going to these few of the worst food places in Pakistan and will also try avoiding going out to any other place. But if you give a DAMN, you won’t stop even when you have encountered yourself. But my advice is to avoid eating out and if you still want to go out why not bring your own food and have a picnic with friends and family, and enjoy the best time.

And for the Punjab Food Authority, keep up the good work, and shut down all those anti-food-lovers and inhumane businesses.

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