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Planning to Visit Lahore? It is Going to be the Best Trip

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If Karachi is the City of Lights, then Lahore is definitely the City of Lives.So, you are planning to visit this city of lives. Good for you! But before you pack your bags to visit Lahore, you must know what the best places to visit are and where you can find the best food in Lahore. I have a small list of some of the famous places in Lahore. Have a look at them:The Badshahi Masjid The one good thing about the Badshahi Masjid is that it is not the one thing standing alone. Outside the walls of the mosque, we have Allama Iqbal’s Tomb, opposite to the entrance of the mosque we have the Lahore Fort and in between the two stands the Hazoori Bagh. One place and we have it all. And if still you are not done, outside the walls, just across the road we have the Minar-e-Pakistan. This place has a value of its own. Outside the walls is a gift from the Government of Punjab, the Food Street. One of the best places to taste the good side of Lahore. Tomb of Jahangir The history of Lahore is still undefined. Some say its roots goes as deep as 4000 years others are convinced that it is around 2000 years old. This makes Lahore one of the best places to visit for those in love with the history and the historical places. Among the many, the Tomb of Jahangir is one of the most visited historical places in Lahore. The tomb is located in the Shahdara Bagh.These beautifully designed and constructed historical buildings are far better than the ones we build today. In those old days, the workers had a skill that today we love to see and praise.Sozo Water Park Bored with the historical places? Let’s have some summer fun. The place to visit in hot summers is the Sozo Water Park. A little far from the main city, the park is situated on the canal road. The park is best for everyone. This park is not only for the swimmers but it has a small area for some rides, a Ghost House (Bhoot Bangla) and a café.

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