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Pakistani talent is getting access to Hollywood

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Sadia Khan, a 25-year-old talented Pakistani Fashionista and photographer, recently completed one of her biggest and best projects to date. Born in Karachi, Pakistan- camera is her passion, her tool to project light on various startling subjects as her first project was capturing the issues of a woman in the Asian society. Then she moved to the United Kingdom to further her studies, completing a degree in business management, but for pursuing her career she chooses her passion of photography. She has worked across the world with different clients and also worked at many prestigious events. She has perfected her craft with the use of new digital techniques, and her humble attitude, strong work ethic, commitment, positivity and creativity makes her stand out.

Recently In March 2015, Sadia has done one of the biggest projects of her life: a photo shoot with Hollywood superstar Mark Ruffalo. She is the first Pakistani female photographer to work with the Hollywood actor, it was equally an exciting and amazing experience for Sadia Khan.

Mark Ruffalo is a renowned actor, producer, director and screenwriter. He recently portrayed Marvel Comics’ character The Hulk in ‘The Avengers’.

She said “As a young Pakistani female, it has been a challenge trying to become involved in Hollywood, partly because I feel males dominate the world, and also because I was establishing my own solid connections rather than relying on anyone else.”

She further shared that, she had a meaningful conversation with mark and she got happy to hear his concerns regarding to core social issues, Pakistani society, terrorism, Islam, Asian cultural traditions and wedding festivities.

Being an actor and director, Mark helped Sadia to control and balance her posture and guided her how to and where to take pictures with light control!

“I didn’t hesitate to ask him why such a big Hollywood star had agreed to help a Pakistani-Muslim photographer. His answer was a thoughtful message for all of us: I am no different than anyone else, I am just older and have seen much and I try to live in love and away from fear, for fear is the enemy of light.”

She got positive vibes by the hulk. No doubt our youngsters are pervaded with talent they are sparkling stars and now we can see our shining stars on the western skies.  

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