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Meet the Dubsmash Queen Muni Sanchez

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And you think you’re the only one, eh! Few days back The Express Tribune had a Dubsmash competition. The competition went awesome. After all Pakistan isn’t all out of talent.

The competition was held all around the globe. Many sent their Dubsmash videos and finally 9 were shortlisted. But not all those 9 can be the chosen one. So, The Express Tribune had to ask their audience to vote for the best. After a long time, they received about 10,000 votes against those 9 fellows. One got 3,112 votes of the total. And the winner was selected. Muni Sanchez, a Pakistani-American.

Muni Sanchez moved to America when she was five. Although, she has been living in the USA, still she complains that her family isn’t as supportive as one might think of. This doesn’t mean that her family is too strict or conservative. After all, she is a winner of the Dubsmash contest and it wouldn’t be possible without her family’s support!

Talking to The Express Tribune, Muni told that she started as fashion and beauty YouTuber.

I am originally a beauty and fashion YouTuber.

                                                             Muni Sanchez

It was 2008 when she first started her YouTube channel. But soon she had to remove all the content as her father didn’t like that.

Later, in 2010 she came up with another YouTube channel. But again her family came across her happiness and she had to leave that too. But it’s hard to kill the inner thirst of doing something. Later that year, she again secretly started another YouTube channel. By the time anyone knew about it, she was already touching 7,000 views. This time she planned to stick to her interests. As always, her family opposed her. But she finally convinced them.

By profession, she’s complete opposite to what she had been doing and what she’s famous for now. Her initial YouTube channels were a lot different then. Her Dubsmash career started as she was up cheering her best friend, Fareeda.

My best friend Fareeda was upset and I decided to cheer her up with silly Dubsmash videos. And I kind of became addicted after a few and woke up the next morning wanting to film more. And then, I went completely crazy.

                                                                        Muni Sanchez

If you happen to view her Dubsmash videos, you’ll find a ‘Khan Saab’ in few. He was the runner-up in the Dubsmash competition held by The Express Tribune. And with a mesh-up, Muni’s popularity boosted up high. So, we can say that Khan Saab is also behind Muni’s efforts.

Standing apart, she thanked her audience.

I want to thank The Express Tribune team for holding the contest and recognizing my talent. If it weren’t for them I would have never gotten the title of Dubsmash Queen. I want to thank the viewers and fans of my videos whether they are lovers of it or haters of it. They are the ones who put me on the list of contestants. Sharing my videos, liking, reposting, it all helped so much. So thank you, everyone who has been a part of this success.

                                                                     Muni Sanchez

Now she’s not just a Dudsmash recorder, she is the Dubsmash Queen. Let’s wish the very best for her future days to come.


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