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Kashmir, the Janat Nazeer!

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You must have heard of this great proverb.

The northern areas of Pakistan are so beautifully gifted by Allah that we can't miss them out. One such beautiful place is the Azad Jammu and Kashmir, a beautiful place in the northern areas of Pakistan. 

Kashmir has a long history and has been known because of its beauty. The state is well-equipped with huge mountains, rivers, lakes and winding roads.

The total area of  Azad Jammu & Kashmir is 222,236 km2, out which 78,114 kmarea is occupied by the Indian government since long. And 37,555 km2 falls under Pakistan and 5,180 km2 is under the control of China.


District Ladakh in Kashmir is the MOST beautiful place in Kashmir. This part of Kashmir is located across the border i.e. India. Ladakh extends from the Keun Lun mountain range to the Great Himalayas to the south.


Srinagar is the capital of Indian occupied Kashmir. This is also one of the top most viewable places in this world. Srinagar is known for its beautiful gardens, rivers and houseboats.


A great dispute lies between Pakistan and India for this yet another beautiful lands of Kashmir. AJK is constituted on 8 districts, and Poonch is one of them.

The area of Poonch is divided among both the neighbouring countries, half governed by Pakistan and half by India. 

Kashmir is Crying

Since 1947, both the nations have not been able to come up with a solution for Kashmir. If the UN could intervene and try to resolve this issue, the people of Kashmir could live a happy and peaceful life.

No matter how the disputes go we can't stop living and visiting this beautiful gift by almighty Allah. The Indians visit their part of Kashmir and we do ours.

If you haven't been to Kashmir, I would suggest visiting this beautiful land. And if you had, then you could guide better where to and when to go.

Do share your thoughts and suggestion. And also share this post, so that the world can know about this beautiful land and raise their voices for the crying ones.

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