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The incredible Balochi Cuisine

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Baluchistan is a culturally rich region majorly influenced by pre partition India. Baloch cuisine is a delight of longstanding cultural heritage of Baluchistan. Balochi cuisine contains mix flavors from across the continent and cross content contributions as well. While tasting Balochi food, we can easily get the Afghani taste in them as well.

Common Ingredients: Balochi people are majorly fond of meat, particularly mutton and lamb. Balochi biryani deserve an accolade for outstanding and unique taste however, some dry dishes and curries are also very popular.

Commonly used food ingredients are inspired by the drought prone region. Mostly they use potatoes, dry fruits, milk, yogurt, vegetables, and mutton. Being in a drought prone region, fresh vegetables are usually missing from the ingredients list.  But most of their dishes revolves around meat, the halal one.

Balochi Utensils: one interesting thing about Balochi cooking is the utensils that they use. Cooking equipment’s are very important and bring uniqueness to the Balochi cuisine. Few of them are particular to particular dishes which cannot be cooked without them. For instance, to marinate meat, they use a specific porcelain utensil for that which not only keeps the mutton cool but also adds to its texture and taste.

Moreover, a boiling vessel is also highly used by the Balochi folks. You will need this boiling vessel to boil rice and similar stuff. However, in the region it is most common norm to keep a unique utensil for rice and not to mix it for other dishes. This is because it affects the original taste of rice. Large utensils called ‘deghs” are also massively used in the region. While preparing food in chunk, large Deghs along with large spoons are used.

Besides these cooking equipment’s, Balochi “Tawa” is used. It is used to fry food or making chapatti and parahtta. Besides, chapatti and parahtta, Naan and Kulchas are another attraction of Balochi cuisine but you need an oven or a furnace to cook them.

Cooking ways in Balochistan: In order to cook Balochi dishes in their best form, it is important to cook them with best of techniques. Marinating of meat must be done with proper method. If you fail to add multiple flavors and spices and that so in correct quantity will ensure best taste. Strength of flame is also important to keep the dish intact. Marinating techniques also adds softness to the meat which at times even required overnight cooking to get the best results. This method removes all the unnecessary taste from the meat. At times, the marinated piece of meat is spared on a lava stone grill or a charcoal grill.

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