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Healthy Sehri Leads to an Energetic Fast

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 The Holy month of Ramadan is here with all its blessings. This is the month when Allah shower its blessings on us in multiple ways. Allah has hidden many spiritual as well as physical benefits in Ramadan. One such blessing is sehri. Suhoor, ‎ a lit of the dawn, pre-dawn meal), also called Sehur, Sehri, Suhur, Sahari and Sahur. It is an Islamic term referring to the meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before fasting, it is the time before sunrise during the Islamic month of Ramadan.


The biggest lesson of Ramadan is restrain and tolerance but unfortunately we forget these two lessons in the two meals of the day, Sehri and Iftaar. Most of us focus on eating more to avoid hunger and thirst during the fast. However, it’s not eating more but eating wisely which helps you to stay energetic without feeling the thirst in the hot sunny day. 

Sehri is the sunnah of prophet PBUH. If someone doesn’t feel the need to eat or drinking anything even then they should have something during the sehri time even if two or three dates or some other light diet must be taken for a robust day. 

According to the leading nutritionist of our times, all have given their opinion about eating rightly in the sehri time. Here are few of the tips we must follow during the holy month of Ramadan.

While preparing your sehri meal make sure that you prepare something which can provide you a wholesome of energy. Eat moderately and add nutritious meal in the sehri time.  Take food which is high in fiber and carbohydrates such as grains and pulses. Moreover, add dairy products, meat, fruits, vegetables juices and nuts.

It is a common misconception that if you take a heavy meal in the sehri such as Hulwapuri (though my personal favorite) or nihari, it will overburden your stomach for the entire day which will eventually lead to indigestion and bloating.

To get an invigorating day sleep and awake at proper times if you sleep immediately after sehri it will lead to the reflex of stomach content into the oesophagus. 

Moreover, nutritionist also recommend to avoid too much of tea as it contain a significant amount of caffeine which leads to active metabolism and loss of water from body which adds to our thirst during fast. Eating fruits during sehar helps to avoid thirst, particularly banana and dates are the most suitable option.

Avoid too much of sugar intake as it digests too quickly and you feel too hungry during the fasting.

At the end no matter what never skip a sehri both for its religious as well as medical reasons even if it’s just a glass of water or beta leaf.

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