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Get Introduced to the First lady of Pakistani Architecture-Yasmin Lari

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Yasmin Lari Is the first female architect of Pakistan. Born in Dera Ghazi Khan in 1941, Yasmin got her early education from Lahore and completed her graduation from Oxford School of Architecture. She has been a part of some amazingly glorified projects in the course of her career including Naval Officers Housing, Taj Mahal Hotel, Angoori Bagh Housing and PSO House, Karachi.

Yasmin has worked vigorously for natural disaster stricken areas. For instance, Yasmin came up with a bamboo shelter system for sufferers of 2005 earthquake. These bamboo shelters have low carbon footprint and is highly cheap to build. Most importantly, material required to build it such as adobe and mud walls and strong bamboo cross-bracing is available in the vicinity.  Moreover in her pursuit of promoting green design in Pakistan, she has built around 2,000 sustainable shelter units. She did not stay behind in the efforts to help the 2010 floods sufferers where she has designed almost 36,000 unique waterproof homes.

Lari has done some of the best corporate projects too some of them are named earlier but for her helping the helpless is the main drive that kept her going.


"I often tell my colleagues, 'let us not treat disaster-affected households as destitute, needing handouts. Rather let us give them due respect and treat them as we would a corporate-sector client."



Yasmin has contributed immensely in the field of architecture and has used the art effectively to assist the fellow Pakistani. She is also very keen to increase awareness on the subject of Pakistani architecture and focus on providing indigenous architecture knowledge to the young generation.



"Earlier we studied books that the British gave us. Now we've written some of our own books. We need to write a lot more of our own books. Because our interpretation will be different. We've a lot to do, if we want our architecture to relate to our reality."




In appreciation of her services to the field of architecture, Yasmin Lari has been rewarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz, one of the highest civil awards, by Government of Pakistan in 2006.



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