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Geeta a story of nation’s Love and Compassion

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Who isn’t aware of the story of beautiful Geeta, a dump and mute Indian girl who was strayed in Pakistan almost a decade ago? Geeta who is now in her 20s was rescued by the Pakistani side when she was found on a railway station in Lahore in 2003. From there she was taken to the Edhi Foundation Karachi, where the Foundation look after her all these years while maintaining her religious dignity intact.

Faisal Edhi who is the spokesperson of the organization told the media about her journey with the foundation. According to him, she was communicating only through sign language but her religious identity was established due to her greeting style. Edhi foundation was in search of her home ever since but was finally succeeded when her case gain prominence in media after similarity of her story with an Indian movie. After the officials of the two sites met to establish her identity and a family claiming to have blood ties with her, Geeta was all set to go back to her homeland.

Now Geeta is back to her country, where all efforts are in process to let her identify her family. Though she hasn’t got her family yet, but representatives of Edhi Foundation asserts that we are still her family and will stay in contact with her.

Geeta too looked emotional as well as excited to leave her friends in Pakistan to join her family in India. All that can be said, role of Edhi sir and his Foundation cannot be neglected in the wake of current circumstances where this act of kindness have presented a positive image of Pakistan in the times of diplomatic tension between two nuclear neighbors.

 Pakistan wishes good luck to Geeta.

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