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Difference between the Nazm and the Ghazal

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Nazm and ghazal are the foundation of Urdu poetry and poets used it to express themselves. There are many variations in Nazm and ghazal but the main is that; ghazals is subjective in nature and Nazm is objective in nature. It can be rightly said that the shape of Urdu poetry is only for Nazm and ghazal.

    Nazam VS Ghazal

The main difference between the Nazm and the ghazals is that; ghazals is only 9 to 10 verses and the nazm contains many paragraphs according to content.


As a nature Nazm is objective only follow the theme and ghazal show completely different theme. If you want to read Nazm must read the whole part of the Nazm and in case of Ghazal, can easily understand even read a single verse.

In ghazal there are two restrictions; the writer must used in the first verse of ghazal called “Matla” and the last verse writer used “Maqta”. Maqta means the writer can use his name at the end verses of the ghazals. In the case of Nazm there is no such restriction like ghazal; the writer can use their name any anywhere as they can.


The Nazm can be divided into three categories according to their themes and topics; these are Qasida, Marsia and Masnavi and the ghazal cannot be subdivided. So, we can say that Nazm and ghazal are the two different corners of the Urdu poetry.

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