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Brahumdagh Bugti is Willing to Talk To Pakistani Government

 Self-exiled Baloch Republican Army (BRA) leader Brahumdagh Bugti has recently given nod to start peace talks with government of Pakistan.  The most important aspect is that, Bugti has hinted to step down from his previously asserted demand of separation. BRA leader spilled the beans in his recent interview with BBC Urdu in which he said, “We are ready to stay with Pakistan if our friends, well-wishers, majority of the Baloch people and political allies want the same,” However, he shows restraint in  acknowledging the incumbent government as the rightful representatives of the Baloch people. Nevertheless he discussed the failure of the government t address the crises in rightful manner. On being asked whether Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan played any role, he denied any such involvement though he said, “We can meet them if they want as we are politicians and want a political end to the crises, this will be foolish if we refuse when the counterpart wants to resolve the issue through dialogue.” He furthermore reinforces to develop a “dialogue conducive” environment for result-oriented talks. He said, “Dialogue is difficult alongside violence and that is why we have demanded an end to the operation in Baluchistan, and bringing all forces on board before talks could be initiated,” He furthermore undermines the use of force in the region and said that force is not a solution for Baluchistan, ““We neither have power, nor such a large ‘army’ that we can compete. Use of force would do no good.”Considering the fact that Brahumdagh Bugti, has for the first time shown interest in holding peace talks with government and denouncing the separate plea is a very important development which can affect the future of the region.