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Allah Almighty has blessed this universe with countless gifts like air to breath, water and of curse food.  Countless thanks wouldn’t equal a single bite our throat swallow.

Long gone are the days when Pakistanis were limited to celebrate their religious and national events only. With the flood of media in the wake of global civilization, we are now familiar with new events and functions as well. Top of the list is the “Halloween”. Few years back, masses were not familiar with the concept of it but now, it is celebrated to many levels by the masses. Many educational institutes celebrated the event by arranging special dress up shows and parties.  Celebrities, in particular dressed up especially for the occasion and celebrate the event.

All alert on their seats as Queen of morning shows is coming back to set your screens on fire (and hopefully all those wedding gowns and 20 tons of wedding jewels makeup and senseless Jokes).

Who isn’t aware of the story of beautiful Geeta, a dump and mute Indian girl who was strayed in Pakistan almost a decade ago? Geeta who is now in her 20s was rescued by the Pakistani side when she was found on a railway station in Lahore in 2003. From there she was taken to the Edhi Foundation Karachi, where the Foundation look after her all these years while maintaining her religious dignity intact.

 Going by an old saying that fish are best in months with the letter R, i.e. from September to April, that’s the most favorite food of Pakistanis during the winters. Therefore as winters have almost approached almost everyone is gearing up to cook fish with a different and unique taste.

After the news stormed the internet and local news channels about a Pakistani family denied a residency in Mumbai, India, someone from Pakistan decided to give the best response on the neighbor’s attitude.   Dunkin Donuts offered free meal to visiting Indians.

Initially reports embarked on the news channels that Karachi based family was denied residence in Indian city of Mumbai even though they visited 40 hotels in town.



There is no doubt about Pakistan’s craze for food. We celebrate by eating, mourn by eating and do diet by eating. Our sweet tooth makes us eat delicious desserts. Several Pakistani desserts are famous all around the world. Some of them are listed below.