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Movies, whether Lollywood, Bollywood or Hollywood, everybody love them. But if I have to prioritize them, I guess Hollywood would be the winner. Hollywood doesn’t only make a movie, but they try to teach some lessons as well. Sometimes the lessons are too obvious, but at times one has to explore them. In simple words – movies don’t always waste our time, they can be a teacher as well.

Last week, a relative visited us in Islamabad. We didn’t have enough time to escape this calm and beautiful city, so we planned to stick with this city only.

I hope your fridge would be overflowing with the QURBANI GOOSHT. And you’ll be looking at your mums for the next GOOSHT Meal. Have peace fellows and let your tummies rest for few days.

If Karachi is the City of Lights, then Lahore is definitely the City of Lives.So, you are planning to visit this city of lives. Good for you! But before you pack your bags to visit Lahore, you must know what the best places to visit are and where you can find the best food in Lahore. I have a small list of some of the famous places in Lahore. Have a look at them:The Badshahi Masjid The one good thing about the Badshahi Masjid is that it is not the one thing standing alone.

Do not, I repeat do not ever visit Pakistan. It is one of the most terrorized nations on the face of the earth. The people are full of hatred and the land is a dark graveyard. You do not believe me, let me show you the dark side of Pakistan.

He: “And finally we’re leaving for this long-awaited trip! But why do I feel like we’re forgetting something?”

She: “We have all the things in our bags, what else could we be forgetting?”

He: “Ah, now I remember! Do you know in the flight, the flight attendants won’t be cooperating with us in few situations?”

She: “What, really? Then why they’re called the flight attendants?”

Have you ever tried meatballs with spaghetti? It isn’t a famous dish in Pakistan, but in the West it’s as common as Karahi here in Pakistan.

Meatballs look so delicious that I couldn’t resist them. So I searched the web for the recipe of Spaghetti with Meatballs. It’s a yummy outcome.

Meatballs with Spaghetti

And we all look for is the negative facts!

Many people LOVE to eat. They’re working and they’re eating. They’re watching a movie, and they’re eating again. They are talking and eating as well. And then it is their meal time!

Eat all that you can, I can’t stop you from eating. But all I wanted to say, “Eat like a man”. Now you would be thinking to hit me with your fist. Okay, I’m sorry for such cruel words. I just wanted to say that many of us don’t pay good attention to their eating etiquettes.

By Bilal, published on 5 August, 2015

What do you have in your breakfast daily?

Egg and Paratha?

Egg and Slice?