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About Us is the ultimate travel and cultural website of Pakistan which is aimed to bring the real image of Pakistan to the world. Pakistan is a country of hospitality and warmth, where the people welcome guests to their homes with open arms. Despite the main stream propaganda about Pakistan, the true picture is completely different. This website is free to use for all people who are interested in helping us project the positive and true image of Pakistan. is operated by Cube Discipline, a leading software and IT service provider in Pakistan. The company was founded by two Pakistani IT Gurus living in UK who wanted to exploit the true potential of IT talent in their home country. The idea behind was to provide complete information about Pakistan, its cities, culture, history, places to visit, food etc.

About GT Road

GT Road (Grand Trunk Road) is one of the oldest and longest roads in Asia which has been used for more than two millennia. Originally it ran through northern India between Chittagong (Bangladesh), running through Howrah, Delhi (India), Lahore, Peshawar (Pakistan), Jalalabad, Kabul (Afghanistan) and then further up to North in Central Asian states. Throughout the ages this road had different names. UttaraPatha (Road to north, Sanskrit), Shah Rah-e-Azam (Great Road, Persian) or Badshahi Sarak (King’s Road, Urdu). The old route existed through the Maurya Empire and was upgraded during the reign of Sher Shah Suri and then again during the British Empire. After partition of British India, both India and Pakistan made modifications in the route and extended the network in their own countries. In Pakistan, GT Road is now a 1756 KM long route between Karachi (Sindh) and Torkham (Khyber Pukhtun Khwa) running through three provinces. The road is extended today covering all major cities of the country. It is commonly known as GT Road throughout Pakistan but there are different names given to its different portions. GT Road is now the busiest road in the country and serves as a lifeline of transport in Pakistan.

Vision Of is a free to use website developed specifically to provide travelers with all kinds of information about Pakistan. Throughout the world, travel websites tend to provide travel guides to people about new places. tends to provide much more than that. This is an open platform for internet users from Pakistan to share information about places they belong too or visit. That
information will be available for anyone on the internet to see. In the current conditions, where Pakistan is portrayed negatively by people who have never visited the country or met its people. will help build and portray the real and positive image of a warm, welcoming, peaceful and enthusiastic Pakistan.