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5 Table Etiquettes You Must Know

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Many people LOVE to eat. They’re working and they’re eating. They’re watching a movie, and they’re eating again. They are talking and eating as well. And then it is their meal time!

Eat all that you can, I can’t stop you from eating. But all I wanted to say, “Eat like a man”. Now you would be thinking to hit me with your fist. Okay, I’m sorry for such cruel words. I just wanted to say that many of us don’t pay good attention to their eating etiquettes.

There are several things which differentiates us from animals, and etiquettes is one of them. I have seen many people eating their meal, and that made me stop eating mine, literally. And if you happen to live in Pakistan or at least attended a wedding ceremony here in Pakistan, you know the drill. People jump on food. They eat like it is their last meal or maybe they have been starving for weeks. And when they start eating, drops of curry splashing their suits and face. Mouth fill with all they can take in.

Eat like a man, I was talking about the above-mentioned food-lovers. I know not all eat like this, even they disgust such people. Anyways this post is not all about how people eat, but about the table etiquettes. There are certain we all know, and yet some of them we miss out.

Below are some of the table etiquettes we all need to follow, whether in a wedding or in a restaurant:

How to Use the Napkin?

The first etiquette you need to remember the use of the napkin on the table. Place it in your lap. And when done eating, just put it back on the table but to the left side of the table and loosely folded.

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When to Start Eating?

If you’re being invited to a formal dinner, you should wait till every plate on the table is being served or done filling. Let the host announce the dinner and then start eating.

If it is a buffet dinner, you can start your meal as you get back to your table.

How to Hand the Cutlery?

This is one of the difficult and most noticeable manners on the table. If you’re being served, resting is not a hard thing to do, as the server will do it for yourself. The hard thing comes how to use the knife, fork, and spoon. There are several ways of using them. For this post, I’m going to suggest the American Style.

How to use a fork - Hold the fork in your right hand like a pencil. The shank should come right between your index and middle fingers, with the thumb holding the upper part of the fork.

How to use a knife - The knife should be cupped in your palm, with the last three fingers holding the handle. Placing your thumb and index finger just to the back of the blade, so that you can use your force to cut through the meal.

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How to Eat?

Holding the cutlery is hard and eating is even harder. People will judge you by the way you eat.

  • Don’t take big bites

  • Don’t make sound with your mouth or cutlery

  • Don’t talk when mouth filled with food

  • Try to match the pace with your fellows

  • And don’t eat with mouth wide open

Done Eating, What to do Now?

This will also take us to a long discussion. When you’re done eating, you’ll probably not leave the table just like that. You would wait for the host or other fellows to complete their course.

Then when you are done eating, don’t throw the fork and knife as you please. Follow the below given steps:

  • The napkin to the left of your plate

  • The knife and the fork on the plate with the handles resting on the rim pointing at 4 o’clock. The knife at right and fork at the left

  • The tips of both the fork and the knife resting at 10 o’clock

  • The blade of the knife facing inwards

There are more rules when you leave your table temporarily or when you are having a break from your meal.

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Will you follow these Table Etiquettes?

I know it is hard for anyone to follow these table manners, and that when you love to live an easy life. I won’t even suggest you to follow these always, but you must remember the table etiquettes as at some point in life you’ll have to go out on a formal dinner. And these manners will add to your value and will impress others.

Take it as an opportunity. If you’re working in a large organization or with international clients, these manners can help you secure a good job opportunity. You might be able to impress your clients and bring in a huge one. Or maybe your boss is so impressed that he plans to lift you up to a higher management level.

So fellows do yourself a favor, follow these table manners and more of these etiquettes and enjoy a luxury life.

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