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5 Dramas to Watch This Independence Day

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While everyone is celebrating the spirit of independence day, everyone adopts a unique style of celebrating the patriotic side. Many chose to watch patriotic plays motivate their spirit. Dramas play a very important in spirit building of the youth in particular. Pakistani dramas which are famous worldwide due to their strong storytelling skills and remain true to real situations. Therefore, Pakistani drama procedures have created masterpieces of their own kind to reawaken the love of the land. These plays throw light on the sacrifices of the Muslims of the sub-continent to build the land of their own. They also highlight the significance of remembering their values and to be completely dedicated to the motherland, Pakistan.   

In this month of independence, re-watch these beautiful dramas dipped in the love of country to get a taste of patriotism.

Here is the list of my favorite patriotic plays of all time.

  1. Sipahi Maqbool Hussain: this emotional story is a true narrative of the tale of Sipahi Maqbool Hussain. It was a joint production of ISPR and Interflow Communications Limited. This series is directed by profound director Haider Imam Rizvi. This story narrates the real life circumstances of Sipahi Maqbool Hussain who got his tongue cut but refuse to curse Pakistan in the Indian Jail. This is the story of the man who tolerated torture in Indian Jail and was denied the rights and status of prisoners of wars. He was captured during the 1965 war between Pakistan and India. He refused to reveal his identity. After four decades he was sent back to his motherland in the mentally perplexed state, but, unfortunately, no one from his family was alive to welcome him back. He later narrated his story to the doctors who were treating him. The last scene of the play where he is given flowers of acknowledgment by Pak Amy is highly emotional and teaches us the true significance of the creation of Pakistan. Hassan Niazi who played the lead character did complete justice to the character so as the rest of the cast. Don’t give it a miss.  


2.  Alpha Bravo Charlie: 


   Alpha Bravo Charlie (ABC) is a timeless creation of Shoaib Mansoor in collaboration with ISPR. It is a tale of friendship between three Army men, Faraz, Kashif and Gulsher along with a female lead named Shehnaz. It is a tale of patriotism Army guy feels for their country and the struggles they went through to make this place safer for us. The Siachen narrative of Kashif, who lost his legs and arms during a debacle with Indian soldiers, is inspired from a true story of a brave man of the country. Whereas it also throws light on the international activities Pakistan Army is involved in. It shows Gulsher activities in Bosnia to help the war-torn people.  Faraz commits himself to charity work and later and Sehnaz who lost her husband, Gulsher in Bosnia, look after her only son to finally let him join Pakistan Army. The serial offers a deep insight in the life of Army personnel’s. Thanks to several repeat telecast, people of the next generation are also very well versed with it. 

3. Dhuaan:




   Another timeless masterpiece in my list. Dhuaan is a PTV production directed and produced by Sajjad Ahmad and was Witten by Ashir Abdul Azeem, the lead actor of the play as well. It is a story of a bunch of friends led by the Police office Azhar. They were motivated to serve Pakistan in their capacity and pushed the envelope a little further when they train themselves secretively and met in Quetta to combat an illegal activity. They took a difficult mission to combat a gang of narcotics dealer and eventually died at the end. This serial shows the height of love we all feel for our beloved country, particularly the speech that Azhar gives to his buddies to clean their country can give us Goosebumps even today. And yes, who can forget the death scene of one of the friends and the Nusrat Fateh’s song “Kisey da yaar na wichdey” in the background.


4.  Jaan Hatheli par:


      This show is not an old time classic, but a contemporary serial dealing with contemporary issues. This show was telecasted on PTV as well as Urdu 1. This show emphasis on the war against terror and the valor and bravery with which our security forces are fighting it. Its main focus was on Baluchistan and the people of the land who despite of all the international propaganda, still love their motherland from the depth of their heart. This drama has reinforced the fact that no power can separate Baluchistan from Pakistan. Don’t miss this play at all. 

5.  Dastaan: 

      Daastan, aired on Hum TV is a dramatization of a Razia Butt’s iconic novel, BANO. This drama has not only earned international recognition but was quite ironically, aired on an Indian channel with a few cuts, of course, and served them a lawsuit as well. This drama narrates the struggle of creating a motherland for the Muslims of the subcontinent. This shows the expectation, struggles and sacrifices they made to make sure we do not have to suffer under the Hindu rule. Bano is not just the most vigilant character of the play but is also considered as the strongest female protagonist of television till date.   During separation. This drama leaves a strong  impact on the viewers to realize the sacrifices our people have made. The scene where Bano entered Pakistan after being brutally tortured, and the way she kissed the soil is truly iconic. It made many people cry on the events of the partition. It’s a story of a girl who went through all the troubles but remain hopeful to see her country, Pakistan, a land of Pious people where people will live peacefully. Go watch it, but don’t forget to take a tissue box with you.


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