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5 Benefits - Eat All that GOOSHT, But don't Forget Green Tea

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I hope your fridge would be overflowing with the QURBANI GOOSHT. And you’ll be looking at your mums for the next GOOSHT Meal. Have peace fellows and let your tummies rest for few days. But still if you’re planning a B.B.Q this weekend as well, go ahead and enjoy your party.


Don’t forget to burn all those calories you gained or are gaining.

If you can’t resist the meat, you have to think about the weight you gained these days. First thing I would suggest is to start walking. Some say a brisk walk right after dinner is one quick way to lose weight. But some say that they get stomach pain while brisk walking. And others don’t like a walk, at all. Hmm, what else can we do then? Ah, I know a way (it might be a bit slower but with top-notch benefits). Start drinking green tea.

Green tea is one of the best methods to reduce your weight, you might have put on the Eid Days. The benefits aren’t hidden from anyone. Have you ever seen the Chinese with losing bellies? Very rarely! Green tea or herbal tea is one of their must-have things right after their meals.

And what about the Pathans! If you’re living in KPK, you must know the use and benefits of green tea.

The Chinese and the Pathans are live examples, but you must look deeper. And for this I’ve gathered some benefits of green tea.

Weight Loss 

Burn your calories with the intake of green tea. Green tea helps in increasing the metabolism.

Heart Diseases 

With all the oil and fatty foods, layers upon layers start covering your heart. And you don’t want to play hide and seek with your heart. Make a habit of drinking green tea and let your heart get an open space to beat.


The intake of greasy food items creates several diseases. You need to get rid of them. Green tea helps in reducing the bad cholesterol.


Can’t get relieved entirely but will for sure helps in regulating the glucose level. Green tea will help in reducing blood sugar. Take a cup of green tea after your meal and find an escape route from insulin spikes.

Tooth Decay 

Now that you’ve been eating meat all day, and having B.B.Q. parties, you also need to look after your teeth. One of the very bad habits of us is NOT BRUSHING OUR TEETH AFTER MEALS. Even after that BAKRA or GAYE GOOSHT, we usually miss brushing our teeth. The bacteria and viruses play all night with our teeth and after some years (or months in some cases) we have to rush to a dentist. And he charges us big time. Give yourself a benefit, brush your teeth daily after every meal (at least twice a day), and start drinking green tea. The antioxidant in green tea will fight these bacteria and viruses and maintains our teeth in good shape.

Do enjoy all that EID UL ADHA GOOSHT, and make a habit of daily drinking green tea. Thrice a day would do the job!

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