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3 Lessons from Mad Max: Fury Road

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Movies, whether Lollywood, Bollywood or Hollywood, everybody love them. But if I have to prioritize them, I guess Hollywood would be the winner. Hollywood doesn’t only make a movie, but they try to teach some lessons as well. Sometimes the lessons are too obvious, but at times one has to explore them. In simple words – movies don’t always waste our time, they can be a teacher as well.

In May 2015, a sequel to a 1970s movie was released and aired in cinemas across the globe – Mad Max: Fury Road. I didn’t happen to watch this on a cinema screen but watched at my home. In fact, I’ve watched this thrice, and still willing to watch it again. The first time I watched Mad Max: Fury Road, it entertained my inner movie loving soul. The second time, I made my way beyond entertainment. And the third time, it made me share some lessons I learned from it. Yes, you heard me right, Mad Max: Fury Road do give us some lessons.

The lessons I learned are chiefly dedicated to those on jobs or looking for jobs in Pakistan. So, here are the lessons I extracted after watching the movie for three times.

Lessons from Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy)

The lead character, Max lived all by himself. He knew how to survive in this apocalypse. He knew how to make him set free even from the cruel empires of the time. He didn’t go by the rules of others but his own. But soon he realized that it wasn’t going to last longer. He needed people around him, and he had to let his fears fly away. As the movie goes on, he was learning to walk among others. And he’s also realizing that to survive ahead and no running all by himself, he needed help. And he, with the efforts of his small team, did get what is best for everyone.

Lesson: if you think it’s easy to survive as an individual on jobs in Pakistan, you need to re-think. Working in any organization, you need to go with a team to make your career shine like a star.

Lessons from Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron)

Step-daughter of Immortan Joe, Furiosa set out on a journey to make to another part of their empire. But the reality was kept hidden from Immortan Joe. Where Furiosa was, in fact, escaping with Immortan’s four young wives. Crossing the boundaries and all the hiccups, she managed to reach a safe land (the one she thought was the only place where no harm could come). But she made it all in vain. She met some old friends there, who told her that this was no more the land to survive. They then headed to explore further a place out of Immortan’s reach.

Max then stopped them and gave them the plan to head back rather than going nowhere. Furiosa first resisted, but he convinced her and made a plan to defeat their worst enemies and set the nation free from the cruel crown.


  1. Working as a team lead in an organization, it’s your responsibility to take the members with you. You can’t survive longer without a team.

  2. Sometimes it’s better to go back rather than risking your career by exploring new realms. Sometimes following the old strategies is more beneficial than the new ones.

Lessons from Nux (Nicholas Hoult) and others

The war boy Nux, with others, are being fooled around by their king, Immortan Joe. He had been lying them to fight for him and get a place in heaven. As the time was out of religion, for them Immortan Joe was everything. Nux tried to capture Furiosa and others and take them back home. But he comprehended that Immortan Joe was not a god neither an immortal. He had been fooling everyone and telling stories how to get heaven.

When he understood the cruelty of Immortan, he stood against him and gave his life to save others.

Lesson: don’t fall under the spell of your bosses. You aren’t recruited to give up everything for them. Think like a human, follow your dreams, and get your success yourself.

Every movie can turn out to be a lesson for anyone, who tries to explore it more than a way to entertain oneself. Sometimes it’s easy to get it, but most of the times you need to explore yourself and if still you can’t you can search the web for blogs like mine J

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