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10 Secrets the Flight Attendants Won't be Telling You

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He: “And finally we’re leaving for this long-awaited trip! But why do I feel like we’re forgetting something?”

She: “We have all the things in our bags, what else could we be forgetting?”

He: “Ah, now I remember! Do you know in the flight, the flight attendants won’t be cooperating with us in few situations?”

She: “What, really? Then why they’re called the flight attendants?”

He: “They are called because they are. But, still there are some secrets they won’t tell us!”

She: “Now I’m really getting pissed at them. How rude of them! Do you know those secrets?”

He: “I guess, yes!”

She: “Ok, tell me then”

He: “Alright!”

This little conversation was between a newlywed couple. They were off to Islamabad from Karachi. What the husband told his other half, was common sense to many. But new to the newbies and also to many of the oldies. And I believe these secrets will help all the passengers:

Is it that hard to say hello or goodbye!

Even the road hostess complain this. It is not that hard to say HELLO or GOODBYE. The flight attendants convey their greetings to hundreds with a smile, but only a few return the greetings. This is a very rude attitude and the attendants do not really like it.

Not my job to put your bags!

Putting your bags in the bins over you, is just not the job of the flight attendant. So, don’t bother to push the bell and ask the attendant to help you. Many of the passengers don’t know where to put their luggage and how to deal that not so tiny bin.

Do I need to know this?

Another embarrassing moment is when the passengers ask, “Can I go to the lavatory while we’re still on the ground?” Do the attendants really need to know this? And the obvious answer is, YES! The flush won’t spit out the waste on the tarmac.

Sorry, I’m engaged!

You’re in a flight, not signed into a dating website. She is just there to your service not looking for a boyfriend or a husband. Don’t embarrass yourself or her by winking at her.

Please, control your child!

The flight attendants are not hired as a nanny. If you have a child on board, tell them not to push that bell without any reason. There are other passengers also.

Oh, sorry I forgot to bring extra diapers!

Yes, many mothers ask for an extra diaper. Are you really travelling or were you out to buy the baby diapers? When you’ve a baby with you, don’t forget to bring diapers.

Am I a school teacher?

Good that you don’t snore nor you disturb others. But if others do, don’t run complaining the flight attendants. What probably could they do? The same thing you can do!

Come on let’s play

And here again, the cute little angels come their way again. Some kids really annoy these poor souls by running here and there, snatching things from the attendants or grabbing their hands. The flight attendants don’t have time to play. If they had, I believe they would take a nap.

Seriously, is it the right time to ask for water?

“We have an emergency. A patient needs a doctor.” And there rings a bell. The flight attendant rush to the passenger. And he asks, “Can I get a glass of water?” OMG! Everyone knows that we have an emergency on the plane, and this passenger needs a glass of water. People, use your senses!

Only if I could throw them out!

This is also very common thing the passengers do, can’t have the patience to hold on for few seconds or minutes. It so happens that the flight attendants are serving a passenger, and someone from the back seats is continually pushing the buttons and then starts shouting at the attendants. They aren’t the FLASH or the SUPERWOMAN. Hold on, they’ll come to your seat.

Have you been the naughty passenger?

If you, too, were doing like these, then stop doing these anymore. They won’t make faces at you but for sure they do not like these situations. If you happen to fly in a plane, be a gentleman. Wait for your turn. Don’t be rude. Do the little things yourself. And enjoy your flight!

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